The Changes

Changes always happen in our surrounding. Every day it happen. Even in the smallest form. That changes also happen in my life.

I’ve become the head of Computer Laboratory where I begin my carrier. After about 11 years, that change come to me. Before that, I was the head of Quality Management Department. But that was only 8 months.  For me who never know how to manage a department, that was very surprised me.

The next change that  happen to me is  when I was chosen to take part in English Course held by DIKTI. That was the first time for me away from my home, alone for 6 months. Experience new things.

Back to my office after six months in Jakarta, I get surprised when “sawah” or paddy field that used to be next to my office is gone. From what I’ve heard, it will become apartments. Well, that is sad. I will never have a change to hear birds sing again or watch them dance in the air every morning. These are pictures that I took before and after I was gone to Jakarta.


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