Wow, it’s almost a year since my last post. Right now I am doing fasting for the year 1434H and there’s some differences from my last year fasted.

If last year, I was fasting alone in Jakarta as I joined English training, now I’m fasting with my family. When I had to sahur since I lived alone, so I was sahur alone in my ‘not  spacious’ room and no one reminded me to do it. Now, I have my mom that always wakes me up to do sahur. Same with breaking the fast. Although, sometimes I had friends to go breaking the fast together, but the feeling is different. Breaking the fast together with family is more happy and tasty compare with if doing it with others even the meal is not expensive.

The big difference is I can felt the feeling of people that far away from their families, since I never away from my family more than a week. Now I know how grateful I am to be with my family. I still have my mother and father together, not many people have that experience.

Thank you Allah, to give me health so I can try my best to makes my parent happy and proud.

On the last 10 days of Ramadhan, may I say to you all HAPPY EID FITR 1434 H. I hopes the best wishes of this year prayers can be fulfilled.


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