Wow, it’s almost a year since my last post. Right now I am doing fasting for the year 1434H and there’s some differences from my last year fasted.

If last year, I was fasting alone in Jakarta as I joined English training, now I’m fasting with my family. When I had to sahur since I lived alone, so I was sahur alone in my ‘not  spacious’ room and no one reminded me to do it. Now, I have my mom that always wakes me up to do sahur. Same with breaking the fast. Although, sometimes I had friends to go breaking the fast together, but the feeling is different. Breaking the fast together with family is more happy and tasty compare with if doing it with others even the meal is not expensive.

The big difference is I can felt the feeling of people that far away from their families, since I never away from my family more than a week. Now I know how grateful I am to be with my family. I still have my mother and father together, not many people have that experience.

Thank you Allah, to give me health so I can try my best to makes my parent happy and proud.

On the last 10 days of Ramadhan, may I say to you all HAPPY EID FITR 1434 H. I hopes the best wishes of this year prayers can be fulfilled.

The Changes

Changes always happen in our surrounding. Every day it happen. Even in the smallest form. That changes also happen in my life.

I’ve become the head of Computer Laboratory where I begin my carrier. After about 11 years, that change come to me. Before that, I was the head of Quality Management Department. But that was only 8 months.  For me who never know how to manage a department, that was very surprised me.

The next change that  happen to me is  when I was chosen to take part in English Course held by DIKTI. That was the first time for me away from my home, alone for 6 months. Experience new things.

Back to my office after six months in Jakarta, I get surprised when “sawah” or paddy field that used to be next to my office is gone. From what I’ve heard, it will become apartments. Well, that is sad. I will never have a change to hear birds sing again or watch them dance in the air every morning. These are pictures that I took before and after I was gone to Jakarta.

This Weekend

Well, this weekend it was like another weekend for me. Nothing special had happened. Only the weather was hot. Quite hot, that enough to made me lost enthusiasm went out. However, I still went out with my friends to do my monthly shopping, also my friend had an errand to run. So, we went together to nearest Mall in my neighborhood.

After came back to my room, I was only watched my favorite reality show. Last Saturday was the Grand Final of Indonesian Idol 2012. I watched it through streaming TV by my Internet connection, but the connection was so bad. It made the show halted several times and that made me want to watching it on YouTube and I did that last night until over 11 PM.

Before that, I watched some old movies. I like watching movies, even though the movie is old but if the story is good, I still want to watch it again and again. One of the movie that I watched last Saturday was “Good Will Hunting”. It was produced in 1997. It was about a man, named Will Hunting. He was a genius, unfortunately he was only worked as a janitor at one of University in the U.S.A. and he had bad behavior. One day, he managed to solve the problem, written by a professor at the department board and the professor saw him. The story began from these moment. The professor really want to made him one of his pupil and solves the problems that he could not solve yet. Since he had a problem with behavior, the professor met his friend, a psychologist, to helped him. As story goes by, Will getting more close to the psychologist. Finally, Will accept offer from the National Security Agency.

That the end of my weekend story. I hope you enjoy it and confused because of it.

4th Months

My previous post was about my story how I came to Jakarta and took course in one of Language Center. Now, I have been here for four months. I had had learn lots of new things in means of language skills. From writing, speaking, reading and listening.

I have to take practice tests almost on every Friday and my results wasn’t good enough to reach score that required and sometimes I feel bored with it. In addition, my laptop, which is accompany me all this time, broke down. So, I have to do my tasks in the campus and my phone radio is now become my friend in boarding house. I’m trying to fix my computer now, and hopefully it will be fine in a short time.

It’s two months left before I get back to Surabaya, back to work and back to teach my students again. I hope what I have here can help me to improve my teaching skill to become better.

Sorry, if my writing still confusing. I’m still learning 🙂